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1.You understand the company business objectives and you share a comprehensive picture of market and technology trends, then you define the IT product vision, priority, roadmap as well as clear KPIs target.
2.You build and animate a strong users community, because you are continuously looking for feedback to improve the user experience.
3.You design the product service and system interaction with local and international IT teams or supplier to deliver solutions which resolve business pain point and achieve business target
4.You animate an agile product team Tech Lead, QA, developers, support, IaaS, PaaS to ensure effective collaboration in build and run mode.
5.You pilot your investments on the entire product lifecycle startup - run - end of life and make sure they are in line with the value generation expected by all relevant stakeholders leaders from Logistics, Finance, Stores, Retail, Ecommerce & Technology.
1.Passion for sport, you like to enjoy sport with your teammates
2.You have an entrepreneurial mindset, a strong sense of responsibility and drive for results
3.Recognized capacity to understand business needs, bring structure in a complex environment and lead action plans
4.You are a technology enthusiast, you care about how things work and you can successfully collaborate with technical experts
5.You are familiar with User Experience Research and Design techniques
6.You are familiar with new technical concepts in market trends middle-platform, micro-service, etc.
7.Listening skills, empathy, team spirit, you care about your teammates and business partners
8.Experienced applying agile methodologies and workflow, you are able to promote, setup and maintain Agile methodologies among the product team
9.Ability to perform data analysis and make data-driven decisions
10.Ability to communicate effectively with senior stakeholders
11.Good documentation skills
12.You have at least 5 years of work experience
13.Fluent in Chinese and English, ability to work in an international environment


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迪卡侬是一家集运动用品研发、设计、品牌、生产、物流及销售为一体的全产业链集团公司。集团由Michel LECLERCQ先生于1976年在法国创立,截止于2020年1月,已于全球6大洲,开设1600多家门店,团队人数超9万名,服务61个国家和地区的顾客。 迪卡侬集团拥有法国领先的产品设计和研发中心,每年推出3000种以上新产品,自有品牌数量超过30个,产品覆盖山地运动、水上运动、自行车轮滑滑板运动、球拍类和高尔夫运动、健身运动、自然运动和团队运动等几乎所有大众运动。商场内自有品牌产品占比超过85%。集团生产线遍布全球21个国家或地区,其中超过40%的产品来自于中国。 迪卡侬于1989年进入中国开始进行采购和生产运动产品的业务往来。至今公司已经在全国建立4个自有工厂,10个工业采购办公室,39个工业驻场办公室。       2003年,集团确立把在中国发展运动用品零售业务作为集团未来十年的首要战略,并将其亚洲区办公室(包括生产和零售)从香港迁来上海。迪卡侬首家概念商场于2003年11月在上海浦东新区正式开业。截至2020年1月,迪卡侬在中国拥有308家商场实体店,遍布全国约116个城市(含港澳台地区)。集团2009年起步的电子商务业务发展迅速顾客覆盖约400个城市。