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招聘人数:1 人


1. Ensure general administration services are provided in a quality, effective and efficient manner.
2. Sourcing and selecting qualified vender to ensure administration service quality.
3. To handle daily admin management, such as vehicle, meal service, cleaning, external communication, accommodation, new hires etc.
4. Handle admin issues including purchasing stationery, reserving accommodation and ticket, assure the security and tidiness of working environment.
5. To assist the admin project such as office renovation, environment improvement, important conference, team building, seat plan etc.
6. To record and update of admin information, such as new hire report issues, daily mail and express dispatch, cleaning checklist, goods receiving forms, payment record.
7. Facilitate annual/regular exercises administration in collaboration with teams, e.g.Office-related budgets, Fire Drill, Birthday/Christmas Party etc.
8. Support some HR issue as required, such as allowance collection, employment registration consolidation, commercial insurance claim, Hukou and FG report issue.
9. Perform other ad hoc supporting tasks as required.

1. Major in HRM, English, Chinese, Management field related preferred
2. Good team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills 
3. Able to work independently in a fast-paced environment
4. Proficiency in written and spoken English and Chinese
5. Competency in Windows applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet , Outlook, etc.
6. Good working attitude and strong teamwork spirit
7. With high desire to learn, open-minded, well-patient and quick responder

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集团介绍香港联交所上市公司,1947年开展业务,为世界具规模的综合国际货柜运输、物流及码头公司之一,为客户提供全面的物流及运输服务。航线遍及亚洲、欧洲、北美、 地中海、印度次大陆、中东及澳洲/纽西兰等地。东方海外为客户提供以客为尊的物流方案,其精益求精,不断创新的服务精神一向享誉业内。    今天,东方海外是全球最具规模的集装箱运输和物流服务供应商之一,在全球超过70个国家设有300多家分支结构,在世界各地雇用员工超过9,500名。东方海外率先在中国提供全线物流及运输服务,在信息服务方面亦是业内先驱。 珠海信息技术开发中心简介成立于2004年,专注于航运物流应用平台及相关软件产品的开发(互联网技术、无线互联网、社交网增值服务),现拥有400多人的技术研发团队。东方海外全球五大软件研发中心之一,与其他四个研发中心(硅谷、香港、上海及马尼拉)在技术上保持同步,在项目开发上互为补充。开发技术: Java、MEAN、Hadoop、Spark、Oracle、DW、BI、TIBCO EMS等,操作系统:Windows、Unix、Linux、Android、iOS。