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1. You define Test Plan 
(1)From the business needs, you identify all the tests cases to realize for a function. 
(2)You analyse business requirements  and documentations to understand all the specifications of the product
(3)You define and write the tests plan.

2. Set up unitar tests and integration tests and automate it.
(1)You interact with others teams to set up integration tests and you guarantee quality of it.
(2)You design and setup automation tests tools.
(3)You manage tests campaign and follow up of anomalies to correct and to validate the correction efficiency.
(4)You define critical tests cases, and set up real industrialized and automatic process & tools to execute it.

3. Reporting and Continuous improvement.
(1)You set up reporting of your activity regularly.
(2)You propose pro actives actions and correctives actions to improve efficiency of the test process.
(3)You set up and follow up an improvement plan to target operational excellence.
(4)You maintain up to date documentation
1. You are passionate by sport, you like to enjoy sport with your teammates
2. You have a strong sense of responsibility and drive for results
3. You have listening skills, empathy, team spirit, you care about your teammates and business partners
4. You are a technology enthusiast, you care about how things work and you can successfully collaborate with technical experts
5. You have at least 3 to 5 years of work experience as QA in link with Supply or Industry is a plus
6. You have good documentation and organization skills, attention to detail is a must
7. You are able to work cross-team or cross-department in an agile way or organization. Having international project cooperation experience is a plus
8. You are very practical and love to do things by yourself at the same time you also enjoy to accompany people and support their skills development. 
9. You are fluent in English Chinese and French is a plus, you are able to work in an international environment.


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