lab intern (实习)
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  • 石油/石化/化工行业
  • 实验室技术员
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招聘人数:1 人 实习天数:3 天 / 周

# Work as Lab Intern in the synthesis lab within Global Innovation Coatings, Adhesives and Specialties, Asia Pacific. 
# Support senior chemist and lab engineer on carry out lab daily activities and routine analytic work on Isocyanate products 
# Help with regular testing and evaluation work
# Proactive management on samples and raw materials
# Actively improve lab safety and house-keeping
# Lab equipment usage and proper maintenance

# Technical background for chemical laboratory work or alternatively academic education of  BS or MS in Organic Chemistry or Polymer Chemistry, preferred candidates have experiences in polyurethane synthesis work or isocyanate reactions
# Ability to experimentally work in the Synthesis Lab and to comply with all safety procedures
# Good communication skills in Chinese,  basic written English to understand the recipes, slides, instructions.
# Work for 2- 3 days per week at least for six months, who is in the last year of BS or MS will be good candidates


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